Corporate Social Responsibility

At AVID, we know it is important to engage with the social and ecological challenges that face humanity through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). AVID believes that, it is our principle that the engagement with social issues must be deeply rooted and a trustworthy along with a passion of a long term commitment should be forged for that is the only way a real change can happen around the world.

Over the years, AVID has established a robust foundational framework for environmental and social drive within the organization and outside.


AVID has always participated in fundraising activities that helps our staff member’s personal skills in return.
For example young members of the Accounts Team is asked to manage a tuck shop where all the shops goes to a NGO like Bro.. This allows for hands on experience in budgeting and procurement by which it is an experience itself.

AVID also has a plan to take part in national charity events as well as nominated charity events, where we can proposed by a certain member or staff. Any kind of money raised in this activity with the national event will go directly to that charity.

AVID has always taken up various initiatives to encourage its staff to contribute in any way possible to various charitable organizations that could make a difference towards it.

Blood donation:

AVID believes in making a difference let it be a business project or a social responsibility like blood donation. AVID encourages all its employees to donate blood as and when it is needed within the organization by doing so this helps in creating a family atmosphere and the feeling of oneness among its employees and optimizes team building activity.

Green Initiative:

Over the years CSR has seen a major shift from local philanthropy issues towards environmental actions. AVID has always championed for the support of renewable energy and preserving the natural environment through its awareness and training programs that are conducted for its employees.